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Erotic Stories and jokes:
She fucks me in the ass
It all started when I was licking her ass and she returned the favor.
Then she asked if I want to fuck her in the ass, I said sure I've
always dreamed about it. Well she she said first she...
placer por webcam.
Les contare que un dia puse mi cam para ver que pasaba, encontre
una persona que poco a poco me fue conquistando y a la vez
exitandome con sus palabras, yo mostrando mis pechos
lo que...
Viens moi, je tattends
Nos regards se croisent, nos bouches se cherchent, lenvie
de nos corps isols, trouve le contact, je cherche ton cou,
rougi denvies, se cache.
Je plonge ma langue chercheuse avec...
Window of sexy opportunity
I've always been kind of a restless sleeper. I end up
tossing and turning a lot of the night, never getting to
be quite comfortable. Lately though it hasn't been
all that bad because...
How can I get my husband to fulfill my sexual fantasy
Ok, here is my situation, I am a married woman of nine years
and lately I have been hinting on my husband that I am bi-curious,
I am very much attracted to women, I love how they look...
swingers meet
I send off the entrance fee and application to join a swingers
club. It is not a swingers club that gets down into the groove
and has sex ad hoc on the premises. This one organises...
Help Desk
Help Desk
The phone rang, on a beautiful summer morning, in late June.
It was about 10:00 a.m. and I was just finishing my usual
Saturday workout,...
None For You
Two guys are out one day golfing. One slices off to the right,
one hooks off to the left and they both go to retrieve their
balls. The guy on the right is hacking and hacking at...
got a secret
It was a warm fall day, Im sitting home all alone doing nothing,
chilling on the computer. I have just met a terrific guy
on line. Smart, sexy, funny and hes like OH MY GOODNESS.
Sex in the Jungle
One day Jane met Tarzan in the jungle. She was very attracted
to him and, during her questions about his life, she asked
him how he managed for sex. "What's that?"
he asked. She...
forse sono io che non ci capisco nulla ma....
ciao ragazzi ho una mare di ragazze nella mia rete privata
perche hanno accettato di entrarci ma poi .... gli scrivo
e nessuno risponde solo ho un limbo di foto nella mia lista
senza di...
Erotic Chick Motorcycle Ride
I'm on my motorcycle wearing only a leather bra and my leather
mini skirt and have no panties on. The wind is blowing up
my skirt and the vibrations from my bike are driving me crazy!
We Meet Again - My Favorite Fantasy 2
This fantasy involves me meeting again with the people in my first fantasy (see My Favorite Fantasy). This time we meet at the house of one of the guys.

I drive up and park in the driveway...

Alone again....naturally
I was sitting here thinking about a friend of mine. He was
a good looking guy, about 5'11", nice build.
Next thing I know my nipples got hard. I started rubbing
them, then pincing...
she gives me BLOW JOBS anytime!
I've know this girl for a long time and she know's
I'm married. I knew she was attracted to me but she's
a little to lang for my taste. She had a problem at home (she's
married too) and...
A Magical Love
I can feel you slowly breathing life into my soul, your mystic
magic is creeping into my essence, gradually filling my
hearts empty hole. With each beat of my heart, I can feel
noche cuando me enamore de una bella mujer carmen asi se
llamaba solo con unas horas de charlar una tarde . horas
despues me imvito a salir a una fiesta accedi aquella...
Lex is 5'4, 110lb brunette, pregnant and alone. Her
man was killed in an accident and I assisted her through
it. We were friends. One cold evening I had dinner with Lex.
She was serving...
The Doctor Is In
The Doctor Is In

Okay you have start to feel warm and wet.

Strip out of those clothes.

MMMMMMMM Nice!!!! Love how hard and erect your...
I'm his

Bill was a great guy- nice body, good looks, friendly, but
he also had a wife. I ignored that when I started paying attention
to me, leaving me nice notes and flirty e-mails. ...
Thoughts of You
I'm waiting for you, my Love... Waiting for you to walk
through the door... Waiting for you to see me here, warm
and soft and willing...ready for your nirvanic embrace.
Close calls
She'd dreamt of him for months now, and her desires
were beginning to show. She'd toss him wanton gestures
and dress "down" when she knew he'd be there.
She was married and so was he,...
how I became the cuckolded husband and liked it
The last year that we were together, my ex-wife and I had
an open relationship so she was fucking other guys and I
was exploring my submissive side with a dominatrix. I wanted

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