white wife gets black date

First let me describe my wife. 5'5" Sandy blond
hair. Ice blue eyes. Yes I am lucky. Well we have been married
3 years now & starting to get into a rut. We decided to
get some porn. (movies) I just picked some pictures at random
about couples & fantacy.

Well one sene showed a white couple who went to a bar. The
wife picked up a Black man & left with him to have sex.
It had a real effect on both of us. We fucked 3 times that night.

The next day I asked here if she could do it. She said she would
like to tease a black man but was afraid to go through with
any sex. Well the next Saturday we were off to Baltimore.
It was over 100 miles from home. We didnt want to see someone
we knew.

After checking in to the hotel we had dinner & more than
our usual share of drinks. Then to the room to get ready.
Boy did she look good. A tight black dress. I got her to not
ware a bra. Her nipples were clearly visable.

She left for the bar giving me a kiss and teasing that she
would next kiss her big black lover. I got there 1 hour later
she was on the floor with a VERY large black man. He must have
played pro football. Over 6'-10".

Things heated up all night as she drankand danced. I met
here at the bathroom around 12:30 & asked when will
we go to the room. She wanted to keep going.She was having
a great time. She said Shawn wanted to go outside to do some
coke. My wife did drugs in college & I new it made her
horny. I asked if she knew what she was doing.

She said yes & she would be back to the hotel in a hour.
I left but had a funny feeling about leaving. 1 hour, 2 hours,
3 hours, 4 hours.... 7am. The door opened.

She looked FUCKED. Hair a mess lipstick a mess. We kissed.I
could taste a man. Well give me all the details. They left
for his place. He said thats where the coke was. They did
a couple of lines and began to kiss. Her head was spinning
& she was horny. Befor she knew what was going on they
were on his bed & she was touching him while he played
with her tits. Off came the shirt, dress, here bra. As she
touched his cock she started to have second thoughts. This
was not the plan.

She told him she had to stop. He was not listening. He just
kept kissing her sucking her tits & now rubing her through
her panties. She was wet. Again she made a lesser attempt
to stop but just as she began to say the words he sliped a finger
in hes pussy. He was moving in and out driving her crazy.
He kissed his way down to her pussy & slowly removed
her panties. She was in heaven. She came in two min.

Shawn now moved up her body to kiss her again. What she didn't
know was he had removed his boxers. She quickly found that
out. He was huge. He was at here entrance and knocking to
get in. She then remembered that we use condoms for birth
control. She asked him if he had any? He replyed no as he now
had 4 inches of a 10 inch cock in her.

We can't I might get pregnant. 8 inches. He asked her
what he should do as all 10 inches began to move in and out.
Her response was just a groan as she was having anouthe orgasm.
He just smiled and kept going. After she gained her composure
she said you can't cum in me. He now seemed to want to
tease her. Are you sure? Don't you want me to cum in you.
He made her say she loved black cock. He made her say please
FUCK ME with that black cock. This went on for 25 min.

She could feel him getting bigger inside her. Her brain
was in a haze. He said he was going to cum. Do you want my black
cum in you......YES! YES! YES! She was cuming he was cuming.

They rested and fucked again before she had him drop her
off at the hotel. I had to touch her pussy. It was still very
wet and her panties were soaked. He must of came a gallon.
I got my first slopy seconds. Well now we wait. Whats the
chance Shawn got her pregnant? It could be mine.

Either way we will love the child and remember that date

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