Naughty Boy

You have been a very NAUGHTY boy!!!! And you must pay for
being bad. I would start by having you sit down on the bed.
And wait for me. You listen because I told you I had a surprise.
And that you will love it. You start to wonder where I am.
You lay back on the bed, tired of sitting up. You hear the
door open, And in I walk. You can not believe your eyes. I
am dressed to kill. I am wearing a red leather outfit. The
red makes you think of hot sex. My breast are about to pop
out of my top. It is so tight. And my panties are cut very high
in the front. I have a garter belt holding up red fish net
stockings. And they make my long legs look even longer.
And my very high heels, do wonders for my legs. I turn around
and bend over to tighten my high heel. You get a very nice
view of my back side. The lace thong I am wearing runs straight
in between my ass cheeks. My ass looks so firm and you know
how tight it feels, when it is wrapped around your hard dick.
I turn around to find you staring. I can tell you really like
what you see. You dick is rock hard. I walk over to the bed.
You sit up and slide closer to the edge. I stand in front of
you. You look up. I lean down and kiss you on the lips. Then
whisper in your ear and tell you how much I want you and what
I want you to do to me. I reach down and run my hand over your
hard cock. You are wearing a button down shirt. I reach down
and undo the first two buttons. But it is taking to long.
I give your shirt a good tug. And buttons go flying everywhere.
I tell you how bad I need to feel you in me. I reach for you and
pull you up. You stand so close in front of me. I bend down,
kissing your chest. I undo your pants. And pull them down.
Your hard cock slaps you in the stomach. I get to my knees
to pull your pants off completely. Once I have them off,
I look up at you. Your cock in perfect position to take in
my mouth. But I don't. I run my tongue up it and lick the
head of it. Catching the pre-cum on my tongue. Oh Yummy.
I stand up and rub my breast on you. Making my nipples hard.
I ask you to lay back on the bed. You do as I say. I can tell,
you would do anything I tell you to. I straddle you. Rubbing
my pussy on your cock. You can feel how wet I am through my
thong. Putting your hands above your head. I lean over you
so my breast are right in your face. They pop out of my top
and you take my nipple into your mouth. You are busy sucking
and biting my nipple, you don't notice the hand cuffs
I just put on your wrists. You jump with surprise. Once I
got you hand cuffed, I hook them to a chain and attach it to
the head board. That way if I want you on your stomach or your
back I can. You ask why I did that, and I tell you because you
have been very bad!!! I start to get off of you. But first
I rub my pussy once more on you. Letting you know I want you.
I walk over to the dresser and open it. Pulling out a whip,
blind fold, gag, and nipple clamps. Your eyes get wide.
You ask what I am going to do to you. I tell you to stop talking.
I walk over to the bed. Telling you how bad you have been.
I ask you how you want to be punished. You beg me to undo your
wrist. And we haven't even started yet. I tell you to
turn over. You do. You don't want to fight me because
I will only punish you harder. Once you are on your stomach.
I run the whip lightly down your back. And once I get to your
sweet ass, I crack it. Not to hard but enough it stings. You
tell me, that you didn't mean to tease me. I don't
believe you. I run it back up your back, and down. You never
know when I am going to crack it down on your ass. I tease you.
And finally, I crack it over your ass again. Leaving a red
mark. I tell how very bad you are. I tell you to roll over.
You tell me no, so I must whip you again. Then you do as I say.
I drop the whip and put the blind fold on you. Making it so
you can't see, what I am going to do next. But then you
feel my tongue on you. Starting at you ear. Moving down your
neck. I lick, suck and then I bite. Naughty, naughty boy.
I work my way down. Straddling your hips. Rubbing my wet
pussy all over your hard cock. I lick your nipples. And then
suck it in to my mouth. Biting a little, then harder. I run
my tongue to the next one and do the same. I kiss your flat
stomach. But all the sudden you feel something cold. And
then something grips your nipples. It hurts, but yet it
turns you on even more. I kiss my way down your stomach, as
you start to like the nipple clamps. I slide my wet pussy
down your legs. You feel my hot breath on your hard dick.
You beg me to take it into my mouth. I tell you NO, you can beg
better then that. You beg more. I still don't think
you beg good enough. I lick the tip, tasting myself on you.
Making it all wet. And then blow on it. And tell you to beg
more!!! You do. And I take it in my mouth more, but not all
the way. You keep begging, so I work my way down. Taking it
all the way into my mouth. I run my teeth up it, just enough
to where it starts to hurt, but in a good way. And then back
down. Making more pre-cum come out and sucking it off the
tip. You beg. Telling me, you will do what ever I want and
how bad you need to feel my pussy wrapped around your cock.
I tell you no, you have been bad!! I keep sucking. I reach
up and pull on the nipple clamps. You moan. I ask if you like
that. You say yes. Good answer. I pull a little harder, as
I stroke your cock with my mouth. I work my mouth down to your
balls. Taking them into my mouth and suck them. Pulling
on them, as I suck. I move down more. Licking in between your
balls and ass hole. You beg me to lick you there. And I do.
Moving my tongue around it and then dipping it inside. And
then out. I lick my way back up to your balls and then finally
to your cock. More pre-cum has come to the tip. I lick it off.
And I work my mouth down over your dick. You scream. Telling
how bad you need me. You are pulling on the chain, trying
to get your hands free. But you can't. I laugh, telling
you how naughty you are being. And if you don't stop,
I will have to whip you again. But you keep trying. I roll
you on your side and crack the whip on your ass. You stop.
But beg me to put your dick inside me. I pull on the clamps
again. You beg more. Then you feel my wet pussy rubbing the
head of your cock. You think you have won, but you haven't.
I tease you. Putting it in just enough to cover the head and
then out. You scream my name and beg. Telling me you can't
take anymore, and you will never tease me again. I take you
in, almost. Working you slowly in, then taking you out.
Your cock is so wet from my pussy. I take you back inside.
Taking you deep into me. Then I slowly move my hips. Working
them. I move them faster and harder. Watching you try to
break free. I lean over you as I ride your cock. You feel my
nipple rubbing over your mouth you suck it. Biting a little.
I tell you more. But you don't listen, so I pull hard
on the nipple clamp. You do as I say. I am close to cumming
and so are you. I can tell. We are both moaning. I bring us
both to the point of cumming. Then stop. You feel me climb
off of you. You Scream for me not to stop!!! But I get off.
You can't see what I am doing and it is driving you crazy.
Then you feel something. I am rubbing my ass on your cock.
You beg me to take you in my ass. But I tease you some more.
You scream!! And then you feel my ass wrap around your cock.
I am sitting with my back towards you. Moving my ass up and
down. Faster and harder!! Riding your dick with my ass.
I reach for your balls and pull. I lick my finger, and rub
it on your ass. Slipping it inside. You can't take much
more. You tell me you have to cum!!! And scream my name. I
can feel your hot cum fill my ass, blast after blast. I keep
moving. I can't take anymore, I cumming. Screaming
your name, over and over. MMMM....that was so amazing.
Should I undo you? Are you going to be a good boy or will I have
to do it all over again and use the gag this time?

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