Naughty Little Girl

I had just started to notice that my next door neighbours
daughter was starting to flourish a little. She wasn't
old enough to wear a bra just yet, but she had started to swell
i little in her chest and her nipples had become very obvious
through the material of her tight little summer tops. The
first time I noticed was on a summer day last year, a very
warm day when she came bounding into my kitchen and as the
cold air hit her, her young nipples stuck out proudly through
her almost transparent tight T shirt. Whats more, I know
that she knew I had my eyes on her nipples, given the fact
that she gave me a cheeky knowing smile. Such a naughty girl
I thought, but little did I know exactly how naughty, nor
what the little minx had in mind for us both.

The stort continues when one day I had to pick her up from
school as a favour for my neighbour, but I will leave it here
for now. Keep watching.

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