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You've just been fucked....
You've just joined this site. Mainly because you are
a loser and don't really have much to offer anyone.
You are married and your love life sucks. You are a workaholic
and spend most of...
Am I the only one in a Time Warp
Hi everyone,
This has been a screwy 2 days. First all the problems with
our pending the deniad group. Then that gets straightened
out and it has taken me all day to get...
Re: Spelling vs Intelligence
Of course misspelled words are not an indication of the
lack of intelligence; it could simply be a case of slipped
fingers! I am neither the best typist nor the best speller,
but I...
the pro
Once there was this guy from Glasgow who took a vacation
to Aberdeen. While there, he met up with a prostitute. He
got down & dirty with her. Afterwards, the prostitute
Why pretend?
I'm a very good looking African-American male with good
physical traits. I'm tall, big, brown, handsome and itelligent.
Why is just about every time I go out white women seem to...
There were these three hunters lost in the woods. They finally
came upon a cottage. They knocked on the door and this creepy
old lady opened it. The men tell her "I'm sorry
to bother...
That cray thing saying "I Love You"....
That was getting so interesting what Luv, Teak, Spike,
and I were talking about and it is now buried in page two of
the x-mas wish list, I want to hear more. What precipitated
this was...
Looking for something ... oh yeah ....... A MAN!!!
Hi there,

I'm new to this group so I'd like to introduce myself.
I'm a 33yr old mom of 2, I have a great sense of humour,
I'm loving, generous and I've been told I can...

Whose Your Daddy?!
Last weekend, following a frolicsome Christmas Party,
I had the occasion to call to session a Sexual Congress with
a most delightful lady...I had dutifully taken my Viagra,
Why is it so hard to find woman that like anal sex in D.C.
Anal deprived

Why is it so hard to find woman who are interested in Anal!?!

Its a taboo, raunchy and intimate all at the same time.

My former...

Sybian owner saying hello...
New to the group and would like to introduce myself.

I love voluptuous women, and among many other sexual interests,
I really enjoy having (and sharing!) fun with toys.
When i sit back and analyze the group i came to the following conclusions.

Every african woman wants to be treated like DEBLACKQUEEN at all times. Lately it has been quite difficult to...

Something for everyone
What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball?
Juan on Juan!!

What is a Yankee?
Its the same as a quickie, but a guy can do it alone!!

Why is...

Your So perfect you never Broke A plate

you guys are so perfect that you have too be on this site,
and send me bad comments too feel good inside about yourself
which really...
Should one go down on the first date?
My friends,

I've have been wondering for some time now if the majority
the members here consider "going down" on the
first date "taboo?". Though many of us use...

Why is it so hard to find woman who are interested in Anal!?!
Anal deprived

Why is it so hard to find woman who are interested in Anal!?!

Its a taboo, raunchy and intimate all at the same time.

My former...

Any Females Up fro FRIENDSHIP and laughs
Hey All,

Just wondering are there any females looking to have a laugh,
not saying jump in the sack, am saying online chat, maybe
text, the old fashioned talking stuff rather...
How does one beging meeting FWB's?
First of all hello to all members of this Discussion group. I'm new today and wanted to see if I can get to know some new people for fun and sex.. before I get my hopes up I guess I wanted to know...
What are friends for?!
Closing the door quickly we ran back to her room. I was only
in the first grade and I didnt quite understand what I had
just witnessed. Emily was a year older than me, but sometimes
Just Do It And Get It Over With!
I met someone from this site. He seemed cool at first. We
talked on the phone for a while. We then went on a date. I told
him lets be friends and see where this goes. He was nice...
Male Bi-Sexuality - - Is there such a thing ~ or is it a myth?
Hello all,

My wife and I have been trying to find a single bisexual male for me to party with. She and I have done all the practicing
that two people can do with a variety of toys, now...

Anal Virgin
I am an anal virgin. I have never had anal sex. The closest
I have ever come is once or twice I have licked my partners
anus and once or twice I have inserted the tip of my finger
Canadian in Arkansas
A guy walks into a bar in Arkansas and orders a white wine.

All the hillbillies sitting around the bar look up, expecting
to see some pitiful Yankee from the north.

A friend of mine from EUROPE, who has been here
2yrs now
Asked me why in the USA, on sites like this where
everyone is here for one reason SEX,
Why we cut people off because wrong...
The monent: Part I
Cursing myself for not buying a real corkscrew, I fumbled
in the dim light, pushing hard against the bottle of Pinot
to free the cork from the necks tight strangle hold. Finally.
what we have to look for in the end of time
The seraphim
When the bell tongs the seraphim song shell still breed
deep into the pure hearts.
Making the pure unfold to greed and hate despite of there
fate, he shell make them...
Why is it so hard to find woman that like anal sex?!?
Anal deprived

Why is it so hard to find woman who are interested in Anal!?!
Its a taboo, raunchy and intimate all at the same time.

My former...

Sexuality Should Not Be A Taboo!
I am a 32 year old, bisexual, married mother of 2 that is also
a current college student, and soon to be a part-time waitress.
Though I am married, I'm very independent. And by me
in the abandoned hunting cabin...
This is a true story that happened to my hubby and I. We were
out one day, just driving around with nothing really to
do. We rounded a corner in a rural area that is commonly used