Daddy's little girl

Being young and relatively inexperienced, it took me a
while to notice my stepdad's unusual interest in me.
I had only explored sexually as far as my girlfriend and
I feeling each other up and listening to her talk about her
sexual experiences with boys. My breasts had just recently
started filling out and I often stood in front of the mirror
without a shirt, admiring them. If I were so interested,
why shouldn't a grown man be also? Once I became aware
of my stepdad's budding interest, I have to admit I
was fanning the flame just a bit. I started wearing my skirts
shorter, my tops tighter, and had to brush up against him
when the occassion arouse. I didn't fully realize
I was playing with fire. Mom had an important job, and often
had to go out of town on business, leaving me at home with
"daddy." They had been married five years,
and he and I were close, but I never felt that true fatherly
connection. But, mom insisted I call him my dad, so I did.
One day, it finally happened. I was in the pool, with my skimpest
bikini on, my breast softly swelling above the fabric,
and my ass practically fully exposed. I was intently watching
daddy cutting the grass with his shirt off. I watched as
little beads of sweat glistened on his hairy chest. When
he turned the mower off, I called out to him and asked him
why he didn't join me and cool off. He walked to the edge
of the pool and I playfully splashed him with water. He told
me I was going to pay for that, stripped down to his boxers
and jumped in. We had a great time splashing and playing
in the pool. As his hand "slipped" and went between
my legs, I felt an unusal surge of excitement and warmth.
But, he jumped like I had an electrical charge and backed
away, getting out of the pool and walking to the house. I
didn't know what just happened, but I knew I felt very
disappointed, like I had just missed out on something that
could have really been good. I got out of the pool and stretched
out on a towel to dry off and get some sun on my already tanned
body. I was still feeling this strange longing and warmth
between my legs. I wanted to masterbate, like I did every
night in the shower with the pulsating shower head. I got
up and went inside the house. It was strangely quiet and
I thought daddy must have went to town or something. I slowly
searched the rooms, to see if he were still there. As I came
to his and mom's room, I noticed the door slightly ajar
and heard low moans from inside. I flattened myself against
the wall and looked inside. Dad was on the bed naked, stroking
himself vigorously and the tv was on without sound. He was
masterbating and watching a porn. I was enthralled, I couldn't
have move if I had to. I was also surprised at the size of him.
Memories of my girlfriend telling me specifics about her
sexual encounters were going through my head and I could
almost feel his big cock in my pussy. Before I realized what
I was doing, I was standing over his bed. He started, trying
to cover himself, as our eyes met. I asked him not to cover
himself because I wanted to see him. I watched as his expression
changed and his body relaxed. He said ok, and asked me if
I wanted to touch it. Of course I did! I reached down and softly
touched his cock. He told me to use a firmer grip and get my
face close, where I could get a good look at what a full grown
man should look like. As my hand was on his dick, he placed
his over mine and began making me stroke him. I loved the
rush this was giving me. Then he pulled me down on top of him
and rolled over and pinned me under him. He suddenly seemed
angry and I wasn't sure if it was me he was angry with
or himself. Finally he said, God forgive me, I can't
help myself. He covered my mouth with his and his tongue
slipped inside my mouth. I felt like I was on fire between
my legs. When his hand went between my legs and he touched
my clit, I jumped. Then I felt him moving down my body. I was
suspended, anticipating his next move and fear finally
setting in at the intensity in the way he was starting to
touch me and his breathing becoming faster and heavier
with each moment. He was down between my legs and eating
my pussy ravenously. I was groaning and grinding my hips
against his face. He brought me to a much more intense orgasm
than myself or my girlfriend's fumbling hands had
ever been able to do. He lifted himself back over my body,
pushing my legs up as he did so. He positioned himself on
his knees. His cock was inches away from my pussy opening.
At that very moment, I realized what was going on and felt
a sudden rush of fear and even guilt. He was saying, tell
daddy you want it. I started trying to get away from him and
he grabbed me and pinned me down. He started cussing and
said, you can't tease a grown man like this, by damned,
I'm going to bury this hot cock inside that sweet, young,
pussy, and you are going to like it! I began crying and trying
to wriggle away from him. I guess my fear finally got through
to him, because he backed off and started soothingly talking
to me and slowly stroking my body. I felt myself becoming
excited again. He inserted a finger in my wet pussy and began
finger fucking me. It was a little uncomfortable at first,
but then I became lost in sensation. He was again in his position.
He was whispering to me and asking me to please let him fuck
me, and wanted me to ask him to do just that. He had me to the
point of climax again and suddenly stopped, telling me
he wouldn't continue unless I asked him to fuck me.
So I did. But, he wasn't satisfied with that. He said,
no, say DADDY please fuck me. I did as he asked. About that
time I felt the head of his cock entering me. He promised
me he would take it easy. I was still very scared. I felt a
sharp stabbing pain as he sank his cock in my virgin pussy.
He stopped long enough to let me adjust. Then he began to
pump my pussy. After the first few uncomfortable strokes,
I was in heaven. I was then begging him on my own not to stop.
He flipped me over doggy style without ever removing his
cock. He reached around and was stroking my pussy, as he
fucked me. I could hear the wet, slurping noises it was making
with each of his long, deep, strokes, and could feel his
balls slapping against me. It was the most intense pleasure
I had ever experienced. Suddenly my body was wracked with
waves of pleasure and I errupted into an earth shaking orgasm.
Daddy kept pumping away. Even though unexperienced, I
could tell something was about to change. His body was tensing,
and his breath coming in little short gasps. Suddenly,
I felt a surge of hot liquid exploding inside me and felt
his spasms as he was releasing it. We collapsed on the bed
together, he lovingly kissed me and kept running his hands
across my body. He said, you realize we shouldn't have
done that? I said, yes Daddy, but it was the most pleasure
I have ever had. I promise not to tell anybody, if you will
fuck me everyday! He grinned and told me he thought that
could be arranged.

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